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Mental Health Facility for Public Servants

Whether you're a paramedic or a police officer, working on the frontlines of tragedy can take a toll on your health. First responders witness traumatic events on a daily basis but have few resources for mental health or overall wellness. Founded by a law enforcement officer, our facility specializes in providing mental health and wellness services for public servants.

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The Flag

Healing Our Heros

Code 1 Wellness wants to show that one of our greatest gifts is to be able to provide mental health and wellness services to our men and women who have served our country overseas and continue to do so in a public servant role, here in this great nation we call home. 

The talent that our Veterans have to push forward even more on the home front is giving not only to their communities but allowing us to help provide the mental and wellness help they truly have earned. Code 1 wants to provide those services to our Military who continue to serve us every single day on the front lines of society.


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Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Service Area
Kansas City, MO, & the Surrounding Areas

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